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This program is designed for children up to 14 years old to encourage life-long reading habits. To complete the reading program, you must earn 1,000 points. 

For every 1,000 points earned, you will get an entry into our grand prize raffle to be drawn at the end of the summer.

Easily log your activity using the READsquared app. The app is free for both Android and iOS mobile devices.


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Popular Books
Wacky Wednesday
by: Dr. Seuss
ISBN: 9780394829128

Mr. Tickle
by: Roger Hargreaves
ISBN: 9781405299817

In A People House
by: Dr. Seuss
ISBN: 9780394823959

Watch Out For Banana Peels And Other Important Ses
by: Sarah Albee
ISBN: 9780375804823

I Really Like Slop!
by: Mo Willems
ISBN: 9780605908253